Saturday, 23 January 2010

The People Have Spoken - Part II

I can't recall a time that an issue aroused as much interest locally as the fate of Colwyn Bay Pier. It's now speculated that as many as 500 people tried to attend the public meeting at the Town Hall, Colwyn Bay, last night (only about 200 were able to squeeze in) and the local blogosphere has been full of nothing else for the last few days. A Facebook Group that was only set up a couple of days ago now has 920 members - if you're on Facebook, please join and contribute to the discussions!

Update: The Facebook Group now has 1,023 members; please join and show your support if you haven't already done so.

Local Blogs worth a read:
David Jones, MP
Cllr. Jason Weyman
Cllr. John Oddy

Media Coverage:
BBC Wales Today (Video Clip)
BBC News Website
ITV Wales News (Video Clip)
Daily Post
North Wales Pioneer

Facebook Group:
Save Colwyn Bay Pier

Pier Website:


Anonymous said...

Good to see you and the other local bloggers keeping this issue going!!

Mrs Byron said...

Awight Lizardy Geezer,
‘Ere I liked that ‘at you wuz wearin’ last night, wernt too keen when you tried to take me piccie though. I wuz sat nexta that Oscarish geezer, Mmm nice ‘ands he’s got, made me tingle.
My Byron asked me all abowt the meetin’ when I got home but I’d forgotten most of it so he read it on ‘ere, fanks fer that
See ya.

Chameleon said...

I'm glad you liked my hat, Mrs Byron. I didn't see you there but I did have a chat with Cllr Oddy - he looked very dapper with his red scarf. I also saw a few other Councillors, nice to see a good turnout. That Oscar's a tinker, isn't he?

Mr Byron said...

Wondered where that woman of mine was the other night. Bimey. You can't let these trollops out of your sight for a minute. Had to cook me own sandwich, I did.

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