Thursday, 1 July 2010

Out & About

Blog postings have been a little light lately, I've been about and about enjoying the fabulous weather. Had a lovely walk on Sunday, covering the twin lakes of Crafnant & Geirionydd in the Conwy Valley. You can park at the Forestry Commission car park at either lake and use the connecting paths through the woods to make a complete circuit. Think it's about 5 miles in length and mostly on fairly easy paths/forest roads, with the exception of one section which is a rougher path (although still perfectly passable to the average person). There's also a cafe on the shores of Llyn Crafnant, which comes as a welcome sight.

Walk details:

Couple of photos:

Llyn Geirionydd (Photo Credit)

Crimpiau, at the head of Llyn Crafnant (Photo Credit)

Abandoned Cottage at Llyn Crafnant (Photo Credit)

Lakeside Cafe at Llyn Crafnant (Photo Credit)

More information:


peterbees said...

Lovely picture of the old barn at Crafnant. I've taken my beehives to Crafnant every August for the last 28 years, for the heather honey. I had them behind the old barn last year. My usual spot further round the lake was too wet underfoot to reach. No problem like that this year.

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