Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Coffee Illy, Conwy

Coffee Illy, Conwy (Photo Credit)

Probably my favourite place to call in for a coffee in Conwy is Coffee Illy. Tucked down the side street that links the High Street to the Quay (at the side of the Civic Hall), this small coffee ship is a treasure - friendly staff, pleasant surroundings, good service...and a great cup of coffee. Food selection is limited but they do Paninis, Cakes & Sandwiches, so fine if you're just looking for a snack.

When walking around Conwy, it's easy to overlook this place, but you'll be missing out on a treat if you do.


Latte said...

You and Nigel like cafe Culture in llandudno to, I have seen the both of you there putting the world to rights.
Upstairs in Watersones nice to, bit pricey though.

Chameleon said...

You should have come over and joined us for a chat, Latte. :-D

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