Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Still no solution to a Sticky Problem...

Can you see the pavement for all the Chewing Gum?

The sticky subject of the mess created by chewing gum on pavements in the local area has once again raised its head, following a post or two on Oscar's blog about the subject.

It's something I've mentioned myself in the past, almost one year ago, in fact. Unfortunately, nothing whatsoever has been done to tackle the problem, in spite of representations on the matter by several local people to Cllr Mike Priestley (Cabinet Member for the Environment at Conwy Council).

After several reminders, he has finally responded to Oscar's questions on the subject.

It would appear that the Council did own a Cleaning Machine but it was damaged by a flood at Dolgarrog and had to be written off.

One wonders if an insurance claim was submitted and what happened to the proceeds?

It would also appear that someone at CCBC has told Cllr Priestley that to buy a new machine to remove chewing gum would cost £120,000. No, that's not a typing error, I did say £120,000. Now, I'm not an expert on chewing gum removal, but, by using Google, I was able to find a machine specially designed for removing Chewing gum from Pavements that cost less than £5,000. Here's the link (with the price) so you can see for yourself:

So...what's going on? Is someone at Conwy Council trying to pull the wool over Cllr Priestley's eyes in order to save themselves some work?

Whatever the reason, it's disappointing to see that, one year later, nothing has been done...


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