Monday, 23 May 2011

No Flats

No Flats, originally uploaded by davidrobertsphotography.

I saw this graffiti on a sign in the Pwllycrochan Conservation Area of Colwyn Bay. One wonders if the vandal may have a point, as several large Victorian houses in that area have disappeared over the past few years, to be replaced by Apartment Blocks.

Surely allowing Permission for such developments is against the whole ethos of a Conservation Area?


Iain Robinson said...

This is now the government whose default answer to development is "yes". I hate to see the destruction of fine buildings only for them to be replaced with cheap and shoddy structures that will themselves only last for fifty years. Nicely seen, David.

Mr Marlin. said...

Bit of useless information for you, Mr Flannagan of St David's is partner in the feet eating fish shop based in the Victoria centre.

Catherine said...

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