Sunday, 19 February 2012

Older than we thought...

The Black Lion by [davidrobertsphotography]
Some interesting news has emerged with regard to one of Conwy's oldest buildings, the Black Lion in Castle Street.

It now seems that it is far older than previously thought and is now regarded as the 2nd oldest medieval building in Conwy town (Aberconwy House being the first). It has been the subject of a Dendro-Chronology (counting tree rings) lab test and its timbers have been dated as felled in 1441/2 when it was an urban 2 bay open hall house with jointed crucks. The conversion into a stone walled hearth-passage vicarage by Vicar John Brickdall was dated 1589. It therefore has national importance.

Given this news, isn't it about time that CCBC took a far firmer line with the Owner that has left it to languish in a state of near dereliction? The same owner that wanted to install three en-suite bathrooms and demolish part of the building to build a car port, if my memory serves me correctly! I think its Listing should also be upped to Grade I and it was given a more sympathetic owner willing to treat it with the care its age demands..

The original article about the history of the Black Lion can be viewed here.


Iain Robinson said...

Totally agree with you about this. I've often looked at this building and wondered when someone was going to get their finger out. To alter it would be the actions of someone bankrupt of taste, but to leave it like this is nothing short of vandalism by negligence.

Angharad Jones (Owner) said...

There are two sides to every story,
check out my response under the 16 April 2010 blog. (This one had comments blocked when I wanted to reply).

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