Sunday, 25 October 2009

In Memory of Ginger

In Memory Of Ginger by you.
"In memory of Ginger, a cat who lived in these gardens and was
admired by so many, 1970 - 1982"
(Photo Credit)
When walking through the Haulfre Gardens park in Llandudno, I always pause for a second at this plaque (it's in the shrubbery across the path from Haulfre Cottage if you ever want to see it) and think what a nice gesture it was of someone to chip in for a memorial to this cat.


Chris said...

There is something very gentle, a little eccentric and a lot "Llandudno" about this memorial.

Chameleon said...

Very true, Chris, sadly it seems to recall a Llandudno that is very slowly slipping away from us.

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