Tuesday, 20 October 2009

That's the way to do it.....

In the local area, we tend to associate the traditional seaside favourite Punch & Judy and the name Codman with Llandudno. However, Colwyn Bay also had a strong Punch & Judy tradition for several decades, with the last 'Professor' being Bert Codman, ably assisted in the performance by his dog Toby:

Professor Bert Codman & Toby

Professor Codman's pitch was on the Eirias Park side of Colwyn Bay Pier, by where the refreshment kiosk is now:

Toby the Dog played a part in every performance

Unfortunately, this all came to a sad end in December 1969. "Professor" Bert Codman and his little dog TOBY, died within two days of each other after entertaining thousands of children over the years. Bert had bought the little mongrel dog for 7 shillings and sixpence in a Liverpool market 20 years before (and Toby was actually a girl!). Toby was run over and Bert died heartbroken two days later in Abergele hospital. The idea was mooted of putting a small memorial plaque to Bert and Toby on the promenade wall, but local councillors refused permission.

And so the Punch & Judy tradition at Colwyn Bay ended...


Stan said...

To the then local councillors "That's NOT the way to do it".

I wonder if something might be done retrospectively. These things can so easily be forgotten so it's good that bloggers like your good self do record items such as this.

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