Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bad Day for Piers..

Blue Skies by [davidrobertsphotography]
Blue Skies, a photo by [davidrobertsphotography] on Flickr.

The news that the Heritage Lottery Fund have declined to contribute £4.9m towards the restoration of Colwyn Bay Pier is certainly a setback to community group Shore Thing's plans, but not a fatal one.

Personally, I think Shore Thing would be better served just harnessing the goodwill within the community and get stuck in to tidying the pier up and getting the shoreward end building reopened - it's tatty, certainly, but perfectly usable with a few repairs. Get the cafe going again (maybe in the old bar area to take advantage of the panoramic views), get the tackle shop reopened to bring in some rent, have a display of plans/ideas for the pier, an art gallery etc etc. All this could be done for a few thousand pounds and some volunteer labour.

Surely a display of effort and enthusiasm from the local community would make organisations such as the HLF far more likely to contribute in future?


Iain Robinson said...

Amazing photo...that sky! I hope the pier does get restored, or at least tidied up, especially after all the effort that has gone into the other aspects of the shoreline.

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