Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Maenofferen Slate Quarry

Maenofferen by [davidrobertsphotography]
Maenofferen, a photo by [davidrobertsphotography] on Flickr.
An exploration this weekend of the vast abandoned Maenofferen Slate Quarry at Blaenua Ffestiniog. Once one of the largest slate quarries in the area, it eventually closed in 1998.

The large complex of buildings where the slate was cut and dressed remains intact, even down to narrow gauage railway engines and wagons standing as they were left on the final day. Time, theft and vandalism have taken their toll but much still remains and the quarry is an important relic of the industry that once employed thousands of local men.

A full photo tour of Maenofferen can be found on my Flickr website at:


Iain Robinson said...

Fabulous, fabulous photos, David. The RCAHMW has been surveying the site with a view to it being preserved/consolidated as part of a bid for the World Heritage Site status that we are hoping will fall, like a benign mantle, over the area. Until then I just hope the vandals and the thieves can be deterred, there are supposed to be folk keeping an eye on the site.

geotopoi said...

Yeah, some wonderful shots there. Interesting to see those relics.

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