Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Colwyn Bay: The Time is Now

There's an interesting discussion on the Colwyn Bay Forum about the future of the Victoria Pier:

My viewpoint is....

It's the case that Colwyn Bay needs to evolve as a seaside resort, rather than giving up altogether as a tourist destination (as suggested by one local councillor), which is just plain stupid. Any businessman knows that you have to give your customer what they want or they will go elsewhere. The era of people coming to spend a week in a hotel are long gone but day/weekend trips from the North-West of England are still very popular and also people holidaying in the North Wales area can be persuaded to spend a day at Colwyn Bay.

Sand & Sky by you.
Just a small part of the fantastic beach at Colwyn Bay (Photo Credit)

If you take a walk along the prom on a summer weekend, then you'll know that Colwyn Bay still has the ability to pull in the crowds...and that's with the present situation of a decrepit looking promenade that's falling to bits, has no seats, rusting railings and no real attractions or facilities. They come at present because of the fantastic beach and the easy access from the A55 - this is what we need to build upon - think how many more people will come with a renovated pier and prom, housing a full range of family attractions and facilities. Colwyn Bay may never regain its former heyday as a seaside resort but there is strong potential to boost both visitor numbers and trade from present levels.

Colwyn Bay Pier - Then & Now by you.
Victoria Pier in 1970 (top) and 2009 (bottom) (Photo Credit)

I hear a whisper that the prom redevelopment has been pushed back another year, so that it wont be happening until 2011 at the earliest - if this is the case then the time is now for the pier situation to be sorted out once and for all, so both pier and prom renovation can happen in tandem. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalise Colwyn must be seized.


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