Saturday, 26 September 2009

Decline & Fall

These three unique photos, kindly provided by Mr Mike Owen*, illustrate all too clearly the parlous state into which Colwyn Bay Pier has fallen since its closure over a year ago:

It is clear that time is running out for the pier; soon, the maintenance backlog will have reached such a level that renovation will become totally uneconomic. Conwy Council's lack of interest in resolving this matter is very disappointing, particularly when you consider that they will ultimately end up liable for the cost of demolition and removal of the derelict structure - a procedure certain to cost several million pounds.

There is also a significant safety issue developing - several areas of the pier are in danger of collapse, yet the public are free to walk on the beach close to and actually underneath the pier without there being any warning notices or safety fencing. Action needs to be taken.

* Mr. Owen operates , a ground based aerial photographic business which involves using a pneumatically powered mast with a camera attached, on a platform, at the top. The mast rises to a height of sixty feet, the camera can be rotated in any direction and the camera functions are all controlled from a laptop on the ground.His rates are very reasonable and he can be contacted on either 07990 517 020 or by email at


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