Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Why does the water not flow?

Up in the Happy Valley, Llandudno, there is a great water feature that flows down amongst the rock gardens. It starts off as a cascade at the top of the gardens, splashing down over the rocks into a small pond, then runs under a path, racing along a channel from pool to pool until it finally ends up in a larger pool. Or would if it worked. It's not worked properly this year:

The cascade (to rear of photo). Note absence of....water!

Local authorities never seem to be very good at doing water features (and keeping them working). Are there any water features in the local area that do work properly? Conwy Lancaster Square? Nope. Colwyn Bay Queen's Gardens? Nope. Colwyn Bay Eirias Park Rock Pools? Nope. Colwyn Bay Civic Centre Gardens Pool? Nope.

And Colwyn Bay residents may well remember the infamous Slate Water Sculpture that stood in the redesigned Station Square after the motorway was built. Installed at vast expense, it was basically a massive piece of slate that had water jets fitted in the top. Honestly, it looked pretty rubbish even when it worked. Not that it worked for long - it then sat for a year or two gathering leaves and graffiti until it disappeared one day and was never mentioned again!

Just remembered though, the millstone water feature in Old Colwyn Wynn Gardens does work! And it looks great. I wonder if Conwy Council can work some magic and get the others working again? Especially the one in Happy Valley please.....


Anonymous said...

take a look at Beach Road old colwyn we have 8 new wate features
all done by the parks department

Chameleon said...

I walked past today and they did look very good, I particularly liked the one at the lower end of Beach Road that had the water flowing from one pool to another through an old wooden tree trunk.

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