Friday, 20 November 2009

Llandudno Welcomes You?

(Photo Credit)

The sight in the photo above has been a welcoming one for visitors to Llandudno since the 1950s. The illuminated sign at the top of Penrhyn Hill gives visitors and residents alike the feeling that they have nearly reached their destination.

So...why hasn't it worked for weeks? I've been past it several times at night over the last month or so and it's in darkness every time. Surely Town Councillors (for I believe it is the responsibility of the Town Council) go past it at night - because it's dark at about 4.30pm now remember. How about the Town Clerk or one of the staff? Why does it always have to be members of the public that make the effort to report things like this?

Update: I went past last Friday (27th November) and the sign was lit up again. At long last!


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