Thursday, 19 November 2009

Night Photography (Part 1)

Night photography has always been an interest of mine, it's fascinating how different the world can look once dusk falls. Here's a photo of the Gresham pub in Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno that I took the other day:


Stan said...

Most of the lighting is simple and quite effective - not too sure about the green though!
Wish I could take a picture like that with such clear lines and detail.
Reminds me I must look into possible lighting for a much bigger local structure.

Mrs Byron said...

Oi Lizard,
Part 1, part bleedin' 1, what is this, some long drawn out thing like Corrie?, my Byron says he preffers (2fs)Eastenders.

'ere that Stans a bit posh aint he, is that bloke that pulls them bells, clever he is, you wanna tell him that.

Stan said...

I don't consider myself posh Mrs Byron, just an ordinary sort of bloke!
Why don't you come and have a pull on the bells and bring your Byron with you?

Back to the photograph, I drove past tonight, and I have to say your photograph really does convey it in a 'good light'. What is green in the photo is quite white really 'in the flesh. In the flesh' it doesn't look anywhere near as good as your picture!

Chameleon said...

I was going to say before, what appears green light in the photo is actually white light to the naked eye. I believe it's when mercury vapour bulbs are used, but not quite sure of the scientific reason why!

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