Sunday, 29 November 2009

Stormy Day In Llandudno

High winds, a high tide and squally showers in Llandudno this morning, so what better activity than a 'bracing' walk down the Pier? At least the cafe at the end was open, so a chance to thaw out and have a steaming cup of what was allegedly coffee was warmly welcomed.

Stormy Day In Llandudno by you.
Llandudno Bay from the Pier (Photo Credit)

Stormy Day In Llandudno by you.
Waves crash against the Pier Tollhouse (Photo Credit)

The Optimist by you.
An optimistic Kiosk owner is open for business (Photo Credit)

Landing Stage by you.
Landing Stage at the end of the Pier (Photo Credit)


Chris said...

A brave post!

For those of us who are boring and therefore stay in on such accasions, it's good for us all to see what it's like out there.

Still glad I stayed in, though!

Can we send you out again later in the week on another assignment for some more wild scenes?

Keep up the good work as our window on Llandudno and environs. The complete absence of any reward on your part is, of course, a reward in itself.

Reggie said...

You would never catch me stripping naked and swimming off into choppy waters like that!

Martin Wellbourne said...

I seem to remember you did it once before.

Chameleon said...

I can't believe that fisherman visible in the Landing Stage photo - I was wrapped up to the nines when I took that photo and was still freezing after only a minute or two - he must be crazy!!

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