Friday, 26 March 2010


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The news today that Conwy Council Chief Executive Byron Davies had been relieved of his duties and was being questioned by Police came as quite a shock. A Council employee described him as being 'marched' out of the Council HQ Bodlondeb by Police officers.

Whilst details are still practically non-existent, it would be imprudent, not to mention unfair upon Mr. Davies, to speculate upon the nature of the alleged offence but it's fair to say that it must be pretty serious in order for him to be relieved of his duties. Rumour has it he parked his car two inches over the white line in a parking bay on Mostyn Street....

UPDATE: A Special Meeting of Councillors has been called for Weds 31st March at 4pm. The Agenda is secret (exempt item):
I suspect it will be one of the most interesting meetings ever held at Bodlondeb....

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Steve Hunt said...

Come now... is this really a surprise?

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