Saturday, 20 March 2010

Some Light Relief

Well, its not often that I have occasion twice in one week to praise Conwy County Borough Council but....I was pleased to see that another of the original Victorian street lamps in Llandudno Town Centre is being brought back into use in Clonmel Street. Llandudno is one of the best preserved Victorian towns in the UK and, to maintain this ambience, its vital that street furniture such as lamp posts, railings etc reflect the town's heritage.

So, once again, its full marks to Conwy County Borough Council...keep up the good work!


Reggie said...

I have a feeling the work is being carried out to make the town centre look good in time for the Victorian Extravaganza.
Isn't Clonmel St a start point for the parade route?

After that, it will be 'buisness as usual'.

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