Monday, 1 March 2010

Behind The Scenes...

I was fortunate enough last Saturday to be invited on a 'behind the scenes' tour of the Grand Theatre in Llandudno. It's currently used as the Broadway Boulevard nightclub, of course, but this takes up only a small part of what is a very large building and many of the theatre elements survive intact. I took the opportunity (of course) to photograph as much of the interior as possible. It was fascinating see whole areas of the theatre where time had stood still since the last theatre performance ended in the late 1970s. Here's just a few photos, the compete set of over 75 photos can be viewed over at Flickr:

Up above the nightclub, the theatre remains intact (Photo Credit)

The massive decorative ceiling, with sunburner at its centre (Photo Credit)

The Flytower, with flylines and the black safety curtain intact (Photo Credit)

Ornate staircase to former Manager's office (Photo Credit)

Red Dragon detail at centre of Proscenium Arch (Photo Credit)

Detail of circular decorative ceiling (Photo Credit)

Seats in the Gallery (Photo Credit)

Many thanks to Mr. L at Broadway Boulevard for showing me around and providing the 500w floodlight needed to light up the vast auditorium and flytower.


Reggie said...

The colours still look vibrant after all those years.
I wonder why they decided to cover-up everything, as opposed to The Palladium/Weatherspoons where most of the interior can be veiwed?

Chameleon said...

I think it was only all covered up when it was renovated from 'Revivals' into 'Broadway Boulevard'?

Reggie said...

I seem to remember it was covered-up when it was Grand Revivals. It was basically just a name change when it became Broadway Boulevard.

The walls were in a better state than I was when I used to frequent the place though, as I was always 'half-plastered'.

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