Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Lesser Spotted Byron

"Who the hell are you?"

Much excitement in Llandudno today with a rare public sighting indeed in the North Wales Weekly News of the Lesser Spotted Byron. This species is rarely seen in public with 'ordinary people' but can often be tempted out into the light by an appearance of the Minor Royal Family Member. This is a characteristic shared with another rare species very seldom found locally - the Hardly Ever Seen Betty Williams. I believe that this timid creature is usually only seen in public when there is an election due and will never stray from her natural Bangor habitat otherwise.


Reggie said...

Is that that bird, the "Common Mrs Byron" standing next to him?

On The QT said...

Reggie, the lady is the wife of the Chairman of the Council, who was stood the other side of his wife out of shot of the photo.
I understand that Bryon Davies wasn't at todays very important Council meeting where the Budget and Council Tax was set.

Steve Hunt said...

Byron Davies has proved he has absolutely no interest in the 500 or so taxpayers that turned out to the Pier meeting, including quite a few Colwyn Town Councillors, our AM and our MP, that at the meeting he had last week with David Jones, he couldn't even be bothered to write one single note about it... his admission to this is here for all to see:

... I was reserving judgment on the man, hoping he may have more about him than his predecessors, but clearly my optimism was unfounded.

Chameleon said...

Lot of interest in this post from Conwy County Borough Council computers, according to my Stats. It's only a joke, lads, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Chameleon: You may only be joking, but there is more to this than you are aware. Lots of questions very few answers.

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