Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pole Position

The pole in the photo above (which holds several signs) has been lying on the grass verge at the side of one of the main footpaths on North Parade in Llandudno for several months, maybe since September last year, ever since it was uprooted by vandals. It's been there so long that someone from Conwy Council has actually come along and filled in the hole it used to be sited in on the other side of the footpath with earth! Is there no-one with the gumption to think to themselves..."Hmmm, I must arrange for someone to come and put that pole back up"? It's hardly like you can miss it when you're walking past. The mind boggles....


Steve Hunt said...

"Conwy Council" and "is there no-one with any gumption" ... I think you've answered your own question there!!

Mrs Byron said...

Hiya Lizardy geezer,
Dunno about Poles been on the verge, don’t have a lot ta do wiv foriners, burra know I’ve been on the verge a couple of times heh, heh, heh.
On anovva matter; hows you doin’, as you found yer self a nice young lady yet, it really is time ya settled down an’ gave up yer wild ways, ya knows that don’t ya, settle down an’ has a family thats wat yer should be doin’ , its not ‘ealthy a young lad like you galavantin’ ‘round. If an’ ya wants ta meet a nice girl I’ll put ya in touch wiv a few girlie friends of mine, mark my words, you’ll fank me in the end.

See ya lizardy

Oscar said...

Too much to expect a local councillor to notice.
How they are allowed to drive some of them, for they see so little it makes me wonder how they are allowed behind the wheel.

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