Sunday, 7 February 2010

For Art's sake!

The revelation in the North Wales Weekly News that pressure group Save Our Promenade had discovered the cost of the sculpture shown in the photo above to be THIRTY SIX THOUSAND POUNDS must have come as a surprise to many. I looked at it myself this morning whilst passing and could probably have knocked up something similar from B&Q for about a tenner. It's by the Beach Cafe on West Shore, Llandudno, if you want to go and admire it.

I can only echo the words of Save Our Promenade spokesman, Mike Pritchard, when he says that "It's a massive amount to have spent on a sculpture...because it's used as a dog toilet and a receptacle for all sorts of rubbish". In fact, I'd probably go a little further than Mike, and describe it as a 'load of utter crap'.

I'm currently investigating the possibility of opening my own Public Art Design Practice - I'll only be supplying Councils, of course, and I'm thinking about specifying a minimum spend of around £30,000 per artwork. Good idea?


Chris said...

I couldn't agree more.

Isn't it scary how these hare-brained schemes ever get legs?

I can understand any one person being overly 'arty', but surely that sort of spending decision involves more than one person.

Councillor John Oddy said...

What sort of thick headed prats thought up this pile of shite?
The Council whinge about lack of finances, introduce cut-backs and curb public spending BUT can still find 36 grand to waste on something that is no more than a hole in the ground, honestly, they want their poxy brains testing, misbegotten parasites the lot of them.

Steve Hunt said...

I wonder which Councillor / Officer the artist is a personal friend of? - you can bet your last penny there is a connection there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the rumpus if some child falls and cuts its' head open on this monstrosity? Have just walked past this about 1/2 hour ago and it is covered on footprints, so someone is using it as a playground.

Reggie said...

I heard it was built for Gordon Lorenz.
Gordon is supposed to reverse his car into it, then let his dog out, which then takes a large dump.

Gordon then lets the dog back into the car then drives off.

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