Thursday, 18 February 2010

Grey Day

People of Colwyn afraid, be very afraid. The 'Powers That Be' that have already covered both Seaview Road and Station Road in a vast expanse of featureless Chinese grey granite are now marshalling their forces and preparing for a strike against Penrhyn Road. The photo above shows hundreds upon hundreds of grey granite paving stones stored in the Lansdowne Road Car Park, poised to remove any hint of colour and life from Penrhyn Road.

Public opinion certainly seems to be very negative towards the finished appearance of both Sea View Road/Station Road, with a common comment being about the almost total lack of colour and planting to soften all the paving. Apparently, the handful of half dead trees just don't cut it when it comes to greenery...

In addition, the granite is already starting to appear tatty, with oil stains and chewing gum being apparently too difficult to remove. I'd also maybe add a comment about the dubious environmental merits of importing Chinese granite halfway around the world, when there are plenty of UK quarries that could have supplied the paving. I'd maybe go even further and ask why paving needed to be used anyway when there are many alternatives to tarmac now available, including something called resin bonded surfacing, which produces an attractive and durable gravel surface at significantly less cost?

I remember a letter in the North Wales Pioneer from a year or so ago, that said something along the lines that Conwy Council were determined to turn Colwyn Bay into something resembling Albania, where all work on public areas is carried out at the cheapest possible cost, with no regard to the aesthetics or long term value. I think they were spot on in that assessment! Numerous examples abound, but one of the most obvious is the ludicrous way in which the town's original cast iron street nameplates (in perfect condition apart from needing a cost of paint) are replaced by flimsy aluminium versions, which last barely 10 years before needing replacement. When will they learn?


Reggie said...

What about Llanddulas quarry? Couldn't that supply the required type of granite?

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