Thursday, 1 April 2010

High Tide - Llandudno

31st March saw one of the biggest high tides for a while at Llandudno as, backed by a strong Northerly wind, the Promenade and Pier were both pounded by massive waves for several hours. Fortunately, no properties were flooded or damaged but several hundred tons of shingle were deposited on the Promenade and the Pier suffered slight damage to a handrail.

I braved the extremely cold gale force conditions to grab a few pics:

Spray from the waves breaks over the Cable Car Station (Photo Credit)

Side entrance to Llandudno Pier gets a battering (Photo Credit)

Waves were hitting the underside of the Pier (Photo Credit)

Looking across to the Pier and Great Orme (Photo Credit)

Excavator heads for higher ground! (Photo Credit)

Pier Toll house gets overwhelmed by the waves (Photo Credit)

Aftermath - several hundred tons of pebbles on the Prom! (Photo Credit)


Chris said...

Really great pics. - congratulations and thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

I agree fantastic pics.
Llandudno seemed to come off lightly compared to other areas along the coast.

We have to give the council credit to starting the cleaning operation this morning.

Chameleon said...

Yes, full credit to CCBC for getting the entire Prom cleared of stones by late afternoon.

Steve Hunt said...

Fab photos...

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