Friday, 2 April 2010

Storm Damage at Colwyn Bay

I thought I would have a stroll along the Prom at Colwyn Bay today to see the full extent of the storm damage. The power of nature is certainly impressive, with 30 foot sections of railings flattened, sturdy stone walls completely demolished and even a signpost pushed over down to the ground by the power of the waves. What was somewhat ironic was that the supposedly unsafe Colwyn Bay Pier survived the storm almost intact, whilst all around was a scene of devastation!

As you'd expect, I got you a few photos:

Mangled railings on Colwyn Bay promenade (Photo Credit)

Stone wall and footpath completely destroyed (Photo Credit)

30 foot section of railings completely flattened (Photo Credit)

Signpost pushed down to the ground (Photo Credit)

The Pier weathered the storm better than the Promenade (Photo Credit)

Two large sections were gouged out of the Promenade here (Photo Credit)


Steve Hunt said...

CCBC's worst nightmare: The most severe tidal storm since I've been here at least (6 years) and Victoria Pier remains defiant and unscathed whilst all their shoddy workmanship and so-called "maintenance" of the promenade is completely destroyed...

So that's kind of knackered their cries of "the pier is about to collapse so it had better be demolished"

Anonymous said...

Mr Hunt do you have to try and turn every event to your advantage?

Taxpayer of Colwyn Bay.

sorted-easy said...

Steve Hunt's point is correct though!

Carneades said...

Great shots of the damage and the storm. This is what the internet is all about.

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