Friday, 9 April 2010

Prom Day Not Cancelled Due To Storm Damage!!

Great news in the North Wales Weekly News this week:

"Colwyn Bay's PROM day is still set to go-ahead despite hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage to the promenade sustained in storms which ravaged the coast.

Lashing winds caused 40ft waves to crash against Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea’s coastline ripping metal railings from the promenade and crushing the concrete road, cycle path and walkway.

But despite the damage caused by the weather raising fears the annual May Day celebrations were set to be cancelled, the fun-day is still penned in on Monday, May 3."

Yep, that's excellent news...except the section of the Promenade on which the Prom Day takes place (from the Cayley in Rhos along to Marine Road) suffered no damage to the railings or tarmac whatsoever, and so there was no possibility really that the Prom Day would have to be cancelled!

Still, good news is good news...I suppose?


Anonymous said...

And more good news, from what we hear that Formstone creature will not be involved!!

Anonymous said...

It might actually make a profit this year then?

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