Sunday, 16 August 2009

Boeing Boeing!

Just The Ticket/Boeing Boeing

Just The Ticket/Boeing Boeing

The covers of two of the Programmes I rescued from the basement of the derelict Pier Pavilion Theatre in Llandudno several years before it was destroyed by fire in 1994.

Dating back to the late 1960s, the gentleman on the left is Charlie Chester in 'Just The Ticket' (1968), whilst the gentleman on the right is Dave King in 'Boeing Boeing' (1967). Both shows were comedy farces. Chili Bouchier also appeared in both shows.

I also rescued lots of other programmes, including many from Alex Munro's time at the Pavilion, and a couple of autographed photos of unknown (to me anyway) actors. I also managed to bag a poster for the last show every to play at the theatre 'Startime Follies of 1984'.


Carneades said...

They say 'Nostalgia's not what it used to be' but these perfectly scanned illustrations are extremely evocative in their own right and could become a treasure-trove for those with an abiding passion in the hey-day of Colwyn Bay's past, not to mention the British Sea-side resort in general.

Trojan said...

I remember seeing the "Clown Prince of Wales" or also known as "The Welsh Prince of Laughter" -Wyn Calvin MBE, in pantomime a number of times at the Pavilion.

I have an autographed photo of him somewhere......

Chameleon said...

What years would that have been, Trojan? Late 70s, maybe? I've got a Pioneer article with him talking about the Pavilion that dates back to the late 80s.

Trojan said...

Early '70's I would say. He also appeared there in the '60's.

Dave J said...

Hi I have a program (Pier Pavilion LLandudno)that has Dave King on the front as yours but in the circle of what he is sayng it says Big Bad Mouse,
Also it has Charlie Chester on the back with Big Bad Mouse in a box above his photo
Chili Bouchier is on page 3 in what looks like an advert for The Prince of Wales Theatre.


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