Saturday, 15 August 2009

Flower Power

This flower display at Combermere Gardens, Rhos On Sea, is a credit to the work of Conwy Council's Parks & Gardens department:

Combermere Gardens


Trojan said...

Where did they get the name Combermere Gardens from?

Chameleon said...

There used to be a house on the site called Combermere Lodge, which had a high stone wall around it. As a result, the road between the Cayley pub (then called the Blue Bell) and the Lodge was very narrow at that point, so it was demolished when the Tramway was built in 1907 and the grounds became part of the Prom and the Combermere Gardens.

Trojan said...

Thanks for that. I always remember Mr Plum who ran the Cayley pub in the '70's. Always had his red Ford Mustang parked outside.

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