Thursday, 13 August 2009

Parking in Llandudno

This has already been mentioned elsewhere but is well worth repeating:

The Church car park is now operating as a "pay & display" so if you are looking for a parking space in the town centre, this might fit the bill.

Access into and out is at the rear of the Church (opp Gamlins Solicitors) and the tariff is £1 for up to 2 hrs and £2 for up to 4 hrs.
On Sunday mornings parking is reserved for people attending services with the "pay & display" operating from 1pm.

I believe the funds raised from this scheme will help towards the repairs to the Church roof, so its definitely a useful service for residents and visitors alike that will support a worthy cause.


Stan W said...

Thank you for posting this topic, it certainly seems that word is getting around about this facility. After just over 2 weeks operating the new system, we are very encouraged by the increasing useage.

User comment has been complimentary too and with all the scaffolding around, they can see what some of the income generated, is going towards.

Thank you to all who have been and are using the facility, please do continue.

Chameleon said...

You're welcome, Stan. Glad that it's a success for the church.

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