Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sun, Sea, Sand...and a Rusty Pier

Pier by you.

What a beautiful day it was today here in Colwyn Bay, the skies were deep blue, the sands were golden and the sea was, well, clean looking. The crowds were out in force and the kiosks along the Prom were doing great business, in spite of the prom looking tattier than ever.

Imagine how popular Colwyn Bay could become again with a renovated promenade and pier - some children's rides and attractions, some revamped kiosks with toilets attached, a decent cafe, a bar and family amusements on the pier, together with the art exhibitions in the Pier Pavilion which were so successful in the last couple of years.

Let's hope that the grant-funded improvements planned for the Promenade are the catalyst for further private sector investment and a real revival in Colwyn Bay's seaside fortunes.


Oscar said...

Are you going to start a fresh forum?
Your treatment by Craig is appalling.

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