Sunday, 2 May 2010


Visited Llandudno's Victorian Extravaganza today. After a dull start, the sun shone brightly and the crowds appeared in force. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and local traders reported brisk business. Thanks must go to the Committee and all the volunteers who made the event possible. A triumph for Llandudno!

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Anonymous said...

glad to see the extravaganza went well-- hope everyone had reasonable acces to public toilet unlike at westshore--fair enough the present toilets need renovation but doesnt common sence says that some temporary mobile toilets would be a good idea( even if there was a small charge)the "one" toilet at the beach cafe just isnt enough all though im sure it boosted the cafe,s takings.

Chameleon said...

Yes, it was ridiculous of CCBC to start renovating public toilets just as the season is starting. Why didn't they do it in November or December?

I noticed on the Extravaganza map that all the businesses that are opening their toilets to the public were mentioned, so that should have helped a bit.

Oswald said...

I predicted it was going to rain, I never seem to get it right anymore.

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