Saturday, 15 May 2010

What's wrong with this picture...?

What's wrong with this picture? (Photo Credit)

Ah yes...the brooding majesty of the 700 year old Conwy Castle, a World Heritage Site situated high above the tidal Gyffin Estuary, teeming with wildlife. What could improve this view....certainly not the remains of the derelict Billingtons Garage, an eyesore for many years when it was open, let alone now it has been closed and boarded up for the last few years. I've said it before, I know, but...can not Conwy Council dig deep into their £50m+reserves, buy the site, flatten it and landscape the area. Please?


Stan said...

.......... and the front of the "garage" looks equally as bad as the back, if not worse!
I agree with all you say, however I hope demolition does not take place too quickly as the swans' eggs should be hatching shortly.

Anonymous said...

700 year old methinks.

Chameleon said...

Quite right, Anon, I've changed it.

Llandudno Blagger said...

Looks like a shanty town alongside the river.

Stan said...

The swan's eggs have hatched - saw 'mum' teaching the youngsters how to swim just this morning. Let's hope they survive predators (and that includes vandals!)

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