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Pubs of Conwy

Once the Ship Tavern...

I thought I would compile a list of Conwy's pubs, past and present, vanished and in other uses, (around 30 in total, I believe) as I can't find one on the Internet (those marked * are still running as pubs today):

Ye Olde Mail Coach/Coach & Horses* (High Street)
The Albion Vaults* (Uppergate Street)
The Blue Bell* (Castle Street)
The George & Dragon* (Castle Street)
The Bridge* (Rosehill Street)
The Castle Hotel* (High Street)
The Liverpool Arms* (on the Quay)
The Malt Loaf/Erskine Arms Hotel* (Rosehill Street)
The Cockpit (in vicinity of the Cockpit)
The Black Lion (now semi-derelict, Castle Street)
The Ship Tavern (now Pen Y Bryn Tearooms, High Street)
The Boot Inn (now r/h side of Alfredos, Lancaster Square)
The Royal Oak Tavern (house to right of 'Smallest House' on Quay)
The Joiners Arms (other side of Wing Gate Wall)
The Soldiers Rest (by Berry Street Arch)
The Plough Inn (site now occupied by Beresford Adams, Lancaster Square)
The Plough Bach (to left of Plough Inn (above))
The Red Lion (on High Street, opposite Conwy Pantry)
The Crown Tavern (High Street, same side as Plas Mawr)
The Old Bull's Head (High Street, in area where Bull Cottages are now)
The Swan (Berry Street, now Swan Cottage B&B)
The Eagles Inn (Now Fisherman's Chip Shop, Castle Street)
The Conwy Castle (Berry Street)
The Castle View (Berry Street, now Castle View B&B)
The White Horse (Uppergate Street)
The Kings Head (now l/h side of Castle Hotel)
The Harp Hotel (High Street, where Spar (former Woolworths) is now)
The Newbridge Arms (Newborough Terrace)

Additions to my original list:
The Foresters Arms (Gyffin, now a private house)
The Bull (distinct from the Bull's Head, no idea as to location - any ideas?)
The Feathers (no idea as to location - any ideas?)
The Union Tavern (no idea as to location - any ideas?)
The Black Horse (West side of Castle Street)

I've complied a list from various sources, but any mistakes are mine. If you spot any errors or have information/anecdotes/a photo to add, please leave a message.

Once the Boot Inn...


Anonymous said...

Thats very interesting (for a drinking man like me) and has got me thinking. I may get back to you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there was ever a time when they were all open together.

Chameleon said...

I dont know but it would have been one heck of a pub crawl if they were. :-)

conwy local said...

i see the mail coach has closed down now.not surprised at all this dave fare guy did not have a clue about running a pub the place was a complete dump no wonder no one went in there.

Anonymous said...

Is Conwy local for real? Mail Coach was probably the busiest pub in town, and dave was probably the best landlord, everyone agrees. so how was it always busy if noone went in there?

conwy local said...

so how come it went bust if it was so busy and successful?

Anonymous said...

Did it go bust?
or are you just guessing now?

Thirdeye said...

Interesting article, I have an old photo of the Albion Vaults (uppergate Street) It show the Albion as it was being conveted into one pub, around 1921. I think the one next door was called The Feathers. The Albion was originally only the front of the building. J W Faulks owned it at the time. It was Lord Carenarfonshire that ordered the closure of many pubs in Conwy Town, the most unruly being the first to close.

Bill said...

To Conwy Local. Dave didn't go bust, he was done over by his Pub Co, I agree with anonymous Dave was a brilliant landlord. Conwy has lost some fantastic landlords and landladies because pub Co's constantly squeezing more and more of the profits from your locals. Not helped by sad little gutter snipes like you!!

Joan said...

My Grandfather, William Roberts, was the "Licensed Victualler", of the Foresters Arms in Gyffin in 1901. I have a picture of William and his wife Charlotte standing in the entrance. Would you (or the present owners of the private house)like a copy? I would be interested to hear from anyone who might have any information concerning the Roberts of that era.

Anonymous said...

On my way to work this morning and noticed a For Sale sign on the Albion in Conwy. Went on to the Christies Site and they're only asking £225,000. Its amazing really when you think a small terraced house within the walls costs around £165,000. I hope it's a local who buys it, as this is a jem of true historic importance to Conwy.

Chameleon said...

Just to say that anyone who has old photos that they would like to contribute can email them me at:

I will, of course, credit you fully for any contributions.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Albion Vaults, Punch offered the currently landlady another more profitable pub on the Wirral which she accepted as Punch had a buyer for the Albion. The Albion buyer backed out for reasons unknown and then Punch held the currently landlady accountable for both the pub on the Wirral and the Albion. The landlady now just doesn't bother opening up the Albion as it's not profitable and her contract runs out in December. The local authorities only will allow very experienced landlords to take it over as the pub had a history of trouble so no pub managers allowed. Doesn't look good for the Albion :(

Andy Murdoch said...

Thought I'd update the Albion thread...who knew? Now faithfully restored by 4(?) local craft breweries. Roaring fire, warm welcome and excellent beer. Few beard strokers at the bar but I can put up with real ale bores for a bag of pork scratchings, a scotch egg and hand pulled pint any day. Not just one of the best pubs in of the best pubs in Wales.

peter crosbie said...

I am trying to find a picture of the Ship Inn at Penmaenbach, my aunt lived in No.1 Penmaenbach cottages. Any information or picture would be gratefully received.
Peter Crosbie

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