Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Not Alicia Keys...

Lots of excitement among the North Wales blogs today following the appearance of what was supposedly a new version of the Alicia Keys song "Empire State Of Mind" to coincide with the Radio 1 Big Weekend being held at Bangor at which Ms Keys will be appearing. The rewritten version featured the attractions of North Wales, including Llandudno Junction, Rhyl, Colwyn Bay, Conwy & Abergele! In the end, it turned out that the song was actually performed by a session musician...but still, to be fair, a great song that was well performed.

The song itself can be heard below:


Llandudno Blagger said...

"Wave your hands in the air and say bore da"

The Seagull Mafia may be waiting for me, but I don't care.....Blackpool is up it's own arse!

Mr Benn said...

Been singing it in the bath this evening.

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