Saturday, 25 July 2009

Civic Centre, Glan Y Don, Colwyn Bay

The map below is from 1913 and shows what was then called Glan Y Don, later to become the Civic Centre for Colwyn Bay Borough Council. You can see the original lane leading to it, still in existence today at the side of the Police HQ. The wooded valley to the other side of Glan Y Don sadly disappeared when it was filled with rubble from the building of the Expressway in the 1980s.

The present 60 room building was built in 1911 as a 'seaside branch' of the Cheadle Royal Hospital, Manchester, a place for people suffering from mild mental disorders to recuperate by the sea.

Before that, there was another house & farm on the site, owned by the Hesketh family.

How it looks today:


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