Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dealing with eyesore properties??

Walking round Colwyn Bay (and even in Llandudno), you can't help but notice a significant number of eyesore properties and, of course, it takes only one such property in a street/row to bring the whole area down.

What's not generally known is that CCBC have the powers to force the owners of such properties to tidy them up, paint them etc, by using what is known as a Section 215 (of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act) Enforcement Notice.

This says that if any building is harming local amenities - including the look of the neighbourhood - owners can be forced to carry out repairs. Failure to comply with a Section 215 Notice is an offence that could be the subject of a prosecution. If considered necessary, the local Authority have the power to enter the, carry out the work and charge the cost of such work to the liable person.

Down on the South Coast of England, the seaside town of Hastings was in a similar situation to Colwyn Bay. with numerous run down/derelict properties. Hastings Borough Council has served over 160 Section 215 Notices and has transformed the town centre. More here:

My question is..why haven't CCBC been using this very useful tool in Colwyn Bay?


Anonymous said...

This is a very relevent issue as our towns need tourism to be revived to increase business here. Rhos on sea has several buildings that are in a horrible condition and the Rowland chemist has had a scruffy boarded up window for amonth now, the newsagents across the road has theawning held up by an acrow prop! They should take an example from Sheila Hyde, even though she has ceased trading, and is trying to find a buyer for reasonable cost, she is still maintaining a victorian display in her windows so it doesnt look too depressing, hope you find a decent buyer soon Sheila.

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