Thursday, 23 July 2009

Civic Society unveils radical plans for Colwyn Bay

From the North Wales Pioneer:
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A CIVIC society has revealed “inspirational” plans to make Colwyn Bay “pleasant, greener and more pedestrian friendly”.

The radical plans involve landscaping a green-space piazza on the station carpark and demolishing the Victoria Pier in favour of a circular restaurant.

Members of the Colwyn Bay Civic Society, which works to preserve the heritage of the town, branded Station Square “dreary and uninspiring” and suggested Conwy county councillors should use regeneration funding to create an attractive public space.

The society's document, which was shown to councillors, admits that the plans are “radical” but argues they will be “inspirational”.

The group would like to see the main road re-routed so it passes the station entrance, and the piazza created by reclaiming land currently used by taxis and a disused taxi booking cabin.

Members have suggested that all taxis and private parking in the area could be designated to a long stay section just west of the station, with the move making Colwyn Bay “a pleasant, greener and more pedestrian friendly area” for visitors coming to the town by train.

A spokesman for the society said: “The whole area could then be the subject of an ambitious green project with trees, shrubs, bedding, attractive lighting, new paving and seating - without traffic passing through it.”

The extreme proposal of demolishing the pier is also suggested in the document, with group members believing a circular, “high class” restaurant in its place would be an appealing addition to the waterfront, as well as an ideal development to open up the coastline to beach-goers and watersport enthusiasts.

Other plans for Colwyn Bay in the report include returning Colwyn Bay’s twice weekly market to Sea View Road to allow constant use of Station Road to vehicles with legitimate access.

Town councillor Glyn Jones supported the group's ideas. He said: “I think the piazza is a good idea. It is good that the Civic Society has taken time to prepare ideas. They will be put forward to the council. I would like to see the pier demolished, but I think it will be a debate that will go on for a long time.”

My view...

Some good ideas! At last some plans with a bit of imagination behind them, instead of just the dreary expanse of grey granite on both Sea View and Station Roads. I'm fully in favour of introducing more green landscaping to the Station Square area - there should be lawns, shrubs, flowers everywhere - it looks far too harsh and urban at the moment.

Not sure about demolishing the pier; Id rather see it renovated, maybe shortened back to its original 1900 size (see pic below) and the restaurant built on the existing structure.

What do you think?


JR said...

I think the new plans for the station square and the pier are excellent ! We need forward thinking in line with the original planners of Colwyn Bay. The link between the 'prom' and the town is vital. The Sea and the prom. are our greatest asset.

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