Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mystery of the Missing Serpents

I know the thread title sounds like a Three Investigators mystery novel (my favourites as a child) but it's a serious question....

Along the entire length of Colwyn Bay promenade up until sometime in the 1990s were many what are called Serpent Benches - this is one:

They had been around as long as I can remember and, looking at old postcards, seem to have been there almost since the prom was built and what a wonderful design they were.

Question is...where have they all gone? The Serpents are made out of cast iron and are, thus, virtually indestructible and will last forever. There must have been up to 50 benches at one time - what happened to them all?

Edit: There are a couple of remaining ones in Llandudno, one is on the prom down by the Tyre Centre at the Craig Y Don end and another is up at the Halfway Station of the Tramway on the Great Orme. Don't tell the council!


Chameleon said...

I've since been told that Conwy Council still have all the Serpent benches and they are in storage somewhere. Wouldn't it be nice to get them all renovated and back into use?

Anonymous said...

The council did have them all in storage at one time but i believethey were sold for scrap in the early 90's
Don't ask how or why but i've got one in my back garden .. and no i didn't carry it off the prom !!

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